The Perspective

  • The Association

In the forgoing perspective, the IASLIC, acronym for the Indian Association of Special Libraries and Information Centres, was established on 3rd September 1955 as a non-profit making national, professional body to

·        undertake, support and co-ordinate research and studies

·        organize general and special meetings, seminars, workshops and conferences at national and regional level

·        publish journals, monographs, manuals, newsletters, papers, proceedings and reports

·        conduct short-term training courses

·        collaborate with other fraternal bodies in promoting the interests of the library and information profession

·        undertake such other activities which are incidental and conducive to the attainment of its objects.

  • Hopes and Expectations

                                In spite of all financial or organizational difficulties, the life of the IASLIC has been one that has been expanding in different dimensions. The essential role of the IASLIC has been that of a leader-coordinator, who seeks to bring about a harmonious development in the entire field of special librarianship in India thorough development and coordination of professional thinking and performance of the persons in the profession. The IASLIC expects one and all interested in this total development to muster strong around the IASLIC banner and help it to fulfil its cherished aims and objectives.