IASLIC is composed of two kinds of members, namely individual and institutional. IASLIC has in its fold most of the important libraries spread all over India as institutional members, while a sizable number of people in the profession are either life or ordinary members. Persons not exceeding ten at a time of national reputation in different fields of specialization are elected as honorary members; the membership strength is more than two thousands. IASLIC offers following types of membership:

Honorary Members
     IASLIC offers honorary membership to the person or institute for their distinguished contribution to the field. The decision is taken by the Governing Body.

Donor Members
     IASLIC offers Donor membership to the person or organization which has contributed to the IASLIC Monetarily or to the collection of IASLIC library.

      Membership Fees: Rs10000.00 at a time.

Institutional Members
      IASLIC provides membership to the organization. This membership is of two type:
              Institutions in General
                                All categories (Annually at a time) Rs. 1500-00
              Association (Annually at a time) Rs. 300-00

Individual Members
IASLIC provides membership to individuals. This membership is of two types:
                                                              Life Membership Rs. 4000.00
                                                               Ordinary Membership (annually) Rs.400.00